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Lot 21 and 22- "Lefty and Shelly"
Sorrel John and Molly Mule
15 HH - 8 and 7 Yrs.
T.W. Little- Como, TX
Lefty and Shelly are full brother and sister. They are very easy to handle and anyone can drive them. They have been on many trailrides and are traffic safe. They will work double, single, and works with four abreast. They have been driven through Fort Worth Stockyard Parade as a four abreast. Shelly has been ridden. This team is a good honest, well broke team that anyone will be proud of.



Lot 23 and 24- "Pete and Mandy"

Sorrel John and Molly Mule
15 and 15.1HH - 21 and 18 Yrs.
Jennifer Norton- Sumner, TX
Pete and Mandy are gentle and are broke to ride. Pete has been roped off of and they have both been ridden in the Grand Entries and pulled the wagon in the parade.

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Lot 25 and 26- "Waylon and Willie"

Sorrel John  Mule
15 HH - 8 Yrs.
T.W. Little- Como, TX

Waylon and Willie are good well mannered mules that like to be handled. Anyone can drive this team. They have been driven by an eighty-one year old man on many trailrides. They are traffic safe. They have been driven in the Fort Worth Stockyard Parade as a four abreast. This is a good honest team that will make you a team to be proud of.




Lot 27- "Sadie"
Brown Molly Mule
14.3 HH - 5 Yrs.
Tim Weatheread- Mabank, TX
Sadie is green broke and has had a lot of riding in the woods. NO problems.