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Lot 11- "Nelly"
Palamino Molly Mule
15HH - 2 Yrs.
Steven Wilson- Sparta, TX
Nelly is out of a Quarter Horse Mare. She is very gentle and easy to catch. Nelly has had some ground work and is ready to start riding. Dont miss this eye catching prospect.


Lot 15- "Hoss"
Bay John Mule
15.2HH - 9 Yrs. 
Kenneth Francois- Mamou, LA
Hoss is a very easy mule to handle and has a real smooth lope. He is good with her feet and easy to clip.


Lot 12 - "Macaroni"
Palamino John Mule
14.2HH - 4 Yrs.
Bethany LeBel- Cookeville, TN
Macaroni is extremely gentle and anyone can ride him. Mac is easy to catch, shoe, clip and load. I have shown Mac in walk-trot and western pleasure. We have used him to pasture rope cows and llamas, as a heeling dummy, and drag logs. He has been worked double a few times. We have trail ridden Mac many miles and he is our dependable mount for the inexperienced rider. Don't miss this excellent all-around mule with color and brains.


Lot 16- "Sally Bee"
Black Molly Mule
15.1 HH - 13 Yrs.
Kelso Mules- Murray, KY
Sally is easy to catch, clip, load, shoe, and be around. She also works in the harness. Sally is a pretty black with white points. She will be the same every time you catch her out and has a easy ride.


Lot 13- "Daisy"
Red Roan Molly Mule
15HH - 7 Yrs.
Tim Weatheread- MaBank, TX
Daisy is very gentle and broke to ride.


Lot 17- "Sadie"
Line Back Dun with four stockings Molly Mule
14HH - 3 Yrs 
Kenneth Francois- Mamou, LA
Sadie is gaited and will make a nice mule.


Lot 14 - "Josie"
Buskin/Bay Molly Mule
15HH - 3 coming 4 Yrs.
David Bacon- Sapula, OK
Joise has had 60 days of professional riding. She has been trail ridden, elk hunting in Colorado last fall, and is very athletic. Josie has a sweet disposition and all the color in the world.


Lot 18 and 19- “”Ida and Izzie"
Black Molly Mule
16.2HH – 4 Yrs.
Jay Lott- Woodville, TX
This pair of nice well built black molly mules are very gentle,easy going,was used for cutting and baling hay on Amish farm was hooked to lots of machinery. Shod all the way around. Clips,loads, bathes easy, They are very traffic safe



Lot  20- "Diego"
Buckskin John Mule
14.2HH - 6 Yrs.
Tim Weatheread- MaBank, TX
Diego is green broke and has been riden out in woods and road. NO problems.