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Lot 1- "Chief Joesph"
Appaloosa John Mule
13.3 HH - 8 Yrs.
Kelso Mules- Murray, KY
Chief Joesph is a nice youth mule. Is safe for anyone. If you need a smaller mule this is him. Easy to catch and loves attention.


Lot 6- "Wyatt"
Palimino John Mule
15HH - 3 coming 4 Yrs.
David Bacon- Sapulpa, OK
Wyatt has had 60 days of professional riding. He has been trail ridden by my 12 year old son. Has been to Colorado, has a sweet disposition, and walks to please you.


Lot 2 - "Clover"
Palomino Molly Mule
15.3HH - 7 yrs.
Steven Wilson- Sparta, TX
Clover is a 7 year old palomino mare mule. She is 15.3 hands and gentle. We have owned her for 3 years. Last year she gave rides at the San Deigo Zoo Wildlife Park. She has ridden past Rhinoceros and Monkeys. Clover is a must have for personal use or a trail riding camp. Anyone any age can safely ride her.


Lot 7- "Nacho"
Dunn John Mule
14HH - 8 Yrs.
Steven Wilson- Sparta, TX
 Nacho is a little shy until he gets used to you. He trail rides well and has a wonderful short lope. He is lots of fun if you have any experience. He is not a kids mule.


Lot 3 -"Lovesick Blues"
Roan John Mule
15HH - 10 Yrs.
Ray Alexander- Alba, TX
Lovesick was shown in hatler classes as a colt. He has been used at cowboy races and western pleasure events.
Lovesick has been ridden in large parades and been used to check and gather cattle.


Lot 8- "Slick"
Black John Mule
15.1 HH- 4Yrs.
Kelso Mules- Murray, KY
Slick is an excellent trail mule that will go where you point him. He is easy to shoe, clip, and load. He has a nice running walk and will short lope all day. If you are looking for a comfortable ride with lots of looks DO NOT pass up Slick.


Lot 4 - "Ruby"
Sorrel with white socks Molly Mule
15.3HH - 6 Yrs.
Sally Griesenbeck- Bastrop, TX
Ruby is a 2008 GCDMA Champion High point green Mule, 2008 SDMS Champion High point green mule,2009 Res Champion Green mule Ft Worth mule show,2009 Res Champion SDMS High point green mule. She has been trail ridden on, also ridden in parade. Calm dispostion. Body clips easily.


Lot 9- "Jake"
Sorrel John Mule
15HH - 6Yrs.
Andy Kocian- Shiner, TX

Jake is easy to catch, clip,loads,and stands for farrier. He is a athletic mule that is wanting to please,has worked cattle, been hog hunting and trail riding. Jake can be seen on youtube under andysmules.


Lot 5- "Red"
Dark Sorrel Molly Mule
14.2HH- 9 Yrs.
Loren Basham- Belle, MO
Red rides really quiet. Red is good to shoe, easy to handle, stands good to mount, been used hog hunting, can lead dogs off of her, been used in the stockyards, neck reins, side passes, backs and is an excellent trail mule that has been around. She has a great running walk. If you can ride at all - you can ride her.


Lot 10- "Jody"
Sorrel John Mule
15.1HH - 4Yrs.
Tracy King- Silsbee, TX
Jody is a gentle mule, easy to clip, load, and shoe. Jody has been used for trail riding and hog hunting. He is a traffic safe mule, vehicles do not bother him, neither do dogs.