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Lot 11- "Happy Jack"
Sorrell w/ star John Mule
15HH - 6 Yrs.
Eli Borntrager- Bremen, KY
Happy Jack is a nice gentle trail mule. He is traffic safe.


Lot 16- “Kahula”
Black Bay John Mule
15.1HH – 5 Yrs.
Rob Wallen- Trafalgar, IN
Kahula is a gaited mule. He has been ridden in the Indiana State Park. He will go anywhere you point him, cross creeks, over logs. Ties great at the hitchin' post. He is very smooth gaited and is easy to catch, shoe, clip, and load.


Lot 12- “Samson”
Dapple Grey John Mule
14.3HH – 7 Yrs.
Phillip Miller- Oak Ridge, MO
Samson is gentle, easy to catch, easy to shoe, and easy to ride. He has been broke well and trail ridden a lot.


Lot 17- "Jill"
Red Roan Molly Mule
15HH - 5 Yrs.
Doss Brothers- Lawrenceburg, TN
Jill is a super gentle riding mule. She is easy to load, clip, catch, and shoe. A real bombproof mule. Owned since a yearling.


Lot 13- "Jack"
Sorrell John Mule
14.2-15HH - 3 Yrs.
Bev Bradstreet- North Adams, MI
Jack is big bodied and is a gaited mule. He is broke to drive and ride. Has been ridden through ditches and brush. Easy keeper. He's been at the trainer's for 15 months and according to the trainer "he just keeps getting better".


Lot 18- "Star"
Sorrel with Star Molly Mule
14.2HH - 3 Yrs.
Bill Barnett- Albany, KY
Star is a great women mule. She has been trail ridden with no spooks. Gaited mule. Anyone can ride her. She has a loving and gentle personality.


Lot 14- "Jakebrake"
Black John Mule
14.2HH - 5 Yrs.
Dorothy Arjes- Ozark, Ill
Jakebrake is a riding mule. He likes attention.


Lot 19- "Della"
Black Molly Mule
15.1HH - 10 Yrs.
Jody Kelso- Murray, KY
Della is a nice gentle mule. She is a real people loving mule. She has a nice trail gait. She will make a nice family mule. Della is easy to catch, clip, shoe, and load.


Lot 15- "Donk"
Bay John Mule
15HH - 6 Yrs.
Sandi Kemp- Murray, KY
Donk is a super trail mule. He has been ridden by women and kids. Easy to catch, clip, shoe, and load. He loves attention. Real nice gentle mule. Donk is out of Joe Paul Farmer's jack named Tully.


Lot 20- "Penny"
Sorrell Molly Mule
15.2HH - 8Yrs.
Tod Dejong- Tracy, IA
Penny has been trail ridden a lot. She has been to Colorado riding and packing the last three years. Super gentle.