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Lot 1- "Red"
Sorrell Molly Mule
14.1HH - 8 Yrs.
Kelso Mules- Murray, KY
Red is a cute little mule that steps out good and will go where you point her. She is easy to load, clip, and shoe.


Lot 6- "Tom"
Dun John Mule
15.1HH - 6 Yrs.
Doss Brothers- Lawrenceburg, TN
Tom is a family mule. He is easy to clip, shoe, catch, and load. Anybody can ride him. He has been trail ridden all his life.


Lot 2 - "Fiddle-Stix"
Black with white stockings John Mule
14.3HH - 3 Yrs.
Jan Brown- Morganfield, KY
Fiddle-Stix has a slow running walk or will walk with slow mules or horses. He leads, loads, clips, shoes, crosses water, and good with ears. He has been raised and ridden around  large farm equipment and is traffic safe. Fiddle-Stix trail rides and will catch you at the gate and east to catch. Very sweet disposition and will ride with a group or by himself.


Lot 7- "Banjo"
Black John Mule
15.2HH - 6 Yrs.
Sammy Borntrager- Huntington, TN
Banjo rides and works. He is good to shoe and clip. He is out of a walking mare.


Lot 3 -"Missy"
Brown Molly Mule
14HH - 7 Yrs.
Tod Dejong- Tracy, IA
Missy has been trail ridden a lot. She has been to Colorado riding and packing the last three years. Nice Gentle mule.


Lot 8- “Pandora”
Paint (white w/black and brown spots)  Molly Mule
14.1HH – 10 Yrs.
Nancy Nothstein- Hohenwald, TN
Pandora will steal your heart. She is a people mule, loves all the attention she can get. Pandora started out a show mule and has turned into a great trail mule. She is also trained to pack. She rides bare back or with a saddle, she will go any where you point her and threw water. Pandora is an easy keeper, easy to catch, clip, shoe, bathe, trailer and a good looking mule.


Lot 4 - "Mindy"
Sorrell Molly Mule
15.2 HH - 4 Yrs.
L.M. Lake- Berea, KY
Mindy is out of a registered TWH mare and a registered saddle jack. She has had many miles driven in the wagon and that many more under the saddle on the trails. She is traffic safe, kind and gentle. Has snaked logs and dragged corn ground. Great molly for anyone to ride and enjoy.


Lot 9- "Minnie"
Sorrel Molly Mule
15.2HH - 6Yrs.
Kelso Mule- Murray, KY
Minnie has been shown in gaited classes and has placed. She has a natural rack gait that most anyone can ride and enjoy. Minnie also trail rides. She is easy to catch, clip, load, and shoe. Very easy to get along with.


Lot 5- "Bo"
Sorrell John Mule
16HH - 4 Yrs.
Terry Rager- Bremen, KY
Bo is a gentle mule and has a nice running walk. He has been on lot's of trail rides.


Lot 10- "Bill"
Sorrell John Mule
14.2HH - 3Yrs.
Dale Futrell- Hazel, KY
Bill is a nice, gentle trail mule. Anyone can ride him. He has a nice short lope and is easy to clip, shoe, and load.